Organisational Development

Organisational Development

The following support can be offered to organisations and a free initial assessment of up to 2 hours completed to develop recommendations and implementation plans for the development of your organisation

Culture and Values

We will look to establish values for your workplace and can lead discussions to define the culture and behaviours that should be expected from all staff, agree what non-compliance means and how to challenge it.

We will lead activities on defined organisational skills and values to agree how the proposed changes will be implemented. We will also offer support to you and your team to embed your values and behaviours into existing working practices and performance management systems.

Senior Team Support

We can deliver stress management, resilience and team building support to ensure personal and organisational effectiveness by identifying your own strengths and the strengths of others.

Coaching can be provided to support the development of effective teams and the successful management of staff through periods of significant change by concentrating on your communication and engagement throughout the process.

Staff Engagement and Workforce Wellbeing

We can review your organisational communications with staff and make suggestions for change to increase staff engagement. We will offer suggestions  for staff engagement activities, health and wellbeing initiatives and ways to build team spirit. We promote the use of these schemes, as they elevate participation, engagement and productivity within your workplace. We will also develop channels of communication between staff and management to allow the whole workforce to communicate effectively with each other in a professional and friendly way.

Performance Management Review and Development

We can review your existing performance management systems and suggest positive changes that can support improved individual and team productivity. We will highlight processes that can be improved and support the implementation of changes.

We will also support Line Managers to review performance against new procedures, guiding them to communicate and perform confidently when approaching difficult scenarios.

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