Presentations have been developed which can be performed to small, medium and larger groups or as part of a team event. These presentations focus on how we manage our stress, how our personality type can influence how we deal with that, how we can feel more confident and positive, particularly as business owners.

Our state of mind can have a strong influence on what we feel we can and can’t tackle at work. We can help you to feel more confident, enabling you to thrive at work and assertively make your point around the meeting table. 

All presentations can be adapted to meet your requirements and can be delivered as half-hour sessions or extended to include activities which engage the audience to facilitate their thinking and prompt them to make changes to their own behaviours. Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

The following presentations can be delivered at your location or an external venue of your choice.

– Confidence for inner strength
– Handling difficult conversations to ensure win-win outcomes
– Introverts, extroverts, clients and colleagues
– Positive mindset for business owners
– Stress management and personality types
– Ten commandments for positive self care in business

Sample presentation content includes:

Stress Management and Personality Types
Building your self-awareness is a key factor in understanding why you become stressed and anxious. This presentation will help you to identify your dominant personality type as well as the preferences of the people around you, allowing you to understand how you can manage your own stress and anxieties and support other people to build great relationships.

Presentation content includes:
– What is stress and why do we experience it?
– What are the main indicators of stress and how can we manage them?
– What are the four common personality types and how can be build effective relationships?

Sample presentation content includes:

Confidence for Inner Strength
As a more introverted person, you may find it difficult to build confidence and self-esteem as your mind will naturally focus on the more negative aspects of life. As your approach to life is quieter, your voice may become drowned out by more extroverted voices and that can damage your self-esteem and make it difficult to speak up when people are around you. In this presentation, we will discuss how to build your confidence when you find it harder to express yourself.

Presentation content includes:
– Communication and body language
– Relationships and self-esteem
– Overcoming negative voices and limiting beliefs
– The value of positive reinforcement
– Self-belief and self-care

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