Presentations have been developed which can be performed to small, medium and larger groups or as part of a team event. These presentations focus on how we manage our stress, how our personality type can influence how we deal with that, how introverts and extroverts prefer to communicate and how more introverted people can build their confidence.

Sometimes, our state of mind has a strong influence on what we feel we can and can’t tackle at work. We can help you to feel more confident, enabling you to thrive at work and assertively make your point around the meeting table. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and book your presentation.

Stress Management and Personality Types

Understanding yourself is a key aspect of understanding why you become stressed and anxious. We will support you to identify your specific personality type and of those of the people around you, allowing you to understand how you can manage your own stress and anxieties in an effective manner.

We also discuss how you can communicate in an assertive manner and how to further influence your relationships within the office and in your personal life.
In this 2-hour presentation, we will cover the following topics:

– What is stress and why do we experience it?
– What are the main indicators of stress and how can we manage them?
– What are the four common personality types?
– What are the impacts of stress upon each personality type?

The Strength of Introversion

Sometimes It might feel difficult to express your opinions or join in a conversation within larger groups. If this resonates with you, these are typical introverted personality traits. Introverted tendencies can make life feel difficult which is why we’d like to address these characteristics and show you the strength of introversion within this presentation.

Throughout this two-hour talk, we will look at aspects of introverted personalities and help those that own these characteristics to overcome their anxiety and develop their self-confidence in order to communicate their thoughts and feelings more effectively. In this presentation, we will cover the following points:

– Introverts Vs extroverts
– Confident introverts and shy extraverts
– Challenging your negative thoughts
– How to be kinder to yourself
– Building your confidence and self-esteem
– The Strength of Introversion

Managing Your Introversion

Those who are more introverted tend to view the world in more detail. This can cause you to over think and worry about things that might or might not be true, which can create an overwhelming amount of traffic in your mind. The effect of this can stop you from feeling happy and cause you to struggle to manage your stress and communicate clearly with those around you.

Within this 1-hour presentation, we will discuss the following points:

– How to express ourselves
– Assertive communication
– Managing your anxieties
– Accessing the relevant support
– Building your confidence

Confidence for Inner Strength

If you are a more introverted individual, you will understand how difficult it can be to build confidence and self-esteem.. Your approach to things is quieter and so your voice can sometimes be drowned out by more extraverted voices. This can damage your self-esteem and  make it difficult to speak up when people are around you.

Within this 1-hour presentation, we will discuss how to build your confidence when you find it harder to discover your voice. We will discuss the following points:

– Our body language
– Relationships and self-esteem
– The value of positive reinforcement
– Negative voices
– Self-belief and self-care

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