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Wellbeing and

Mental Health Awareness

Wellbeing and Mental Health Awareness

When we think about mental health difficulties we often think about the more challenging conditions and diagnoses such as bi-polar disorder, personality disorders and psychosis but mental health is a range of conditions and difficulties.  If you’re struggling to cope, manage your emotions or mood at times, it can be useful to learn more about mental health conditions, treatments and support, to think about how you can keep yourself well and look after the people you care about.

KW Inner Strength offers a range of coaching and training solutions to help people to factor effective wellbeing practices into their day-to-day lives and build their mental health awareness.

The following online, half-day sessions have been developed and can be adapted to meet your specific development needs. 

  • Coping with change
  • Developing personal confidence
  • Five ways to your wellbeing
  • Introduction to mental health awareness
  • Managing stress and anxiety
  • Managing stress and being assertive
  • Wellbeing for the new normal
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As an example, the specification for our Introduction to Mental Health Awareness session can be viewed here

Formats are interactive to support engagement and shared experiences, to help people identify and embed new ideas and best practices into their day-to-day work

Minimum group size – 5      Maximum group size – 10

Cost per delegate – £75


Sessions can be developed to address specific training needs so get in touch

to discuss your requirements and book your session.


Tel:  07988 767902