Our workshops are perfect for giving you and your teams the time and space to reflect on your current work practices and consider new approaches. We adopt a behavioural approach to change and believe the answers are with you. Our job is to facilitate your thinking, introduce new perspectives and consider the implications for your team and organisation.

Workshops can be developed and delivered in a range of styles to suit your team and delivered in a location of your choice. Training is delivered in a friendly and relaxed style to support attendees to share their experiences and embed best practices into their everyday delivery.

Our workshops are brilliant for building team rapport and effectiveness, allowing everyone to connect and understand how each person within the team prefers to work and communicate. Get in touch to discuss your requirements or book a workshop session today.

Stress Management and Personality Types

Building your self-awareness is a key factor in understanding and managing your own stress and anxiety and that of other people. What causes you stress and anxiety might not trouble someone else but your stress is valid, just as theirs is and this workshop will help you to widen your perspective on how you can manage your own stress and anxiety, and support other people too.

Your personality type can have a significant impact on how you behave and interact with others. The workshop content will help you to identify your own dominant personality type and a range of activities will support your team to have fun together and identify your individual and collective strengths.

Within this half-day workshop, you can expect the following:

– What stress means for different people
– Our ten-point plan to managing stress
– Understanding personality types to build effective relationships
– The impact of stress on your personality

Personal Resilience, Sustainability and Difficult Conversations

Sometimes stress has an ability to creep up on you, making you feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. An excessive workload in the office or being unable to conduct difficult conversations can make you feel anxious especially if we have few coping mechanisms in place to deal with these difficulties.

By learning how to cope with these problems head-on you can become a resilient and confident individual who can perform under pressure. This workshop will support you to build and sustain your personal resilience to give you the strength and confidence to deal with difficult situations and conversations.

Within this workshop, you can expect the following:

– How to build and sustain your personal resilience
– Seeking inspiration to build your energy
– Confronting difficult conversations effectively
– Assertive communication to get to a win-win

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