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KW Inner Strength

Leadership Coaching

KW Inner Strength

Leadership Coaching

With over thirty years of experience in business and management in private and public sector organisations, stress management, workplace coaching and organisational development, Karen Warren offers leadership coaching to achieve tangible results and improvements in your business.


KW Inner Strength Leadership Coaching can help if:

  • the challenges of managing people make you feel isolated and dis-connected from your passion for your business
  • you feel resentful that people don’t share your passion and commitment to achieve
  • you feel overwhelmed by the difficult conversations you need to have, to get people working as you want them to
  • you’re overloaded with day-to-day, operational issues and have no time to consider the strategic future of the business
  • you feel defeated and don’t look forward to going into work


KW Inner Strength Leadership Coaching will help you to:

  • Manage people assertively and effectively to support the strength and resilience of your business
  • Tackle the difficult conversations around performance, behaviour and attendance with confidence, kindness and compassion to achieve the employer/employee win-win
  • Balance accountability and responsibility to give time for operational and strategic development
  • Identify and manage risk effectively to support contingency planning
  • Develop the trust in your people to support a great culture of workforce wellbeing


Online, one and two-hour sessions are available to give you the time to discuss issues

fully and address specific issues and barriers to the development and success of your business. 

Daytime and evening appointments are available.

One-hour session – £75

Two-hour session – £135


You can get in touch to discuss the challenges you’d like to address and arrange your coaching session.

Tel:         07988 767902