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Workforce Wellbeing


Workforce Wellbeing

The Book

Workforce wellbeing is at the foundation of your organisation’s strength and resilience.  If your workforce isn’t well, your organisation won’t be well either.

Whether you’re an Employer, a new or experienced Line Manager or are learning about business leadership, this book will be a valuable guide to the consistent practices required to manage staff performance, behaviour and attendance to build an engaged, effective and thriving workforce.

Five star reviews

  • “An essential read – especially in the current climate”
  • “Great investment to support staff and improve performance”
  • “A very enjoyable read – Just like her courses!! :-)”

Managing Difficult Conversations to Achieve Successful Outcomes

Online Training Programme

As an Employer or Line Manager, are you struggling to address performance, behaviour or attendance issues with your teams?  While it can be tempting to ignore those conversations, nothing will change unless you address the issues and support improvements. 

Based on thirty years of business and management experience, the course can help you to develop a more confident and proactive leadership style. As you manage your team assertively and effectively, you’ll recognise great performance and support personal and professional developments to build an engaged and motivated team.

You can see the full course content before signing up.

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