I Think You’re Amazing!

Hi everyone,

I’ve talked about seeking inspiration from others and using their strength to fuel your own energy before and have been lucky in the last two weeks to be at talks given by two amazing people who have used sport as their method of recovery from major accidents. At both of those talks I’ve thought to myself ‘how did you keep going? What kept you getting out of bed each day?’. I’m sure there were days when they didn’t want to and I’ve had a fair few of my own when I’ve wanted to pull the quilt over my head but we keep doing it don’t we? We keep getting out of bed of a morning, putting our pants on (some days over our trousers, others not so much) and embracing the day.

You might say there’s no other option but there is, isn’t there?  We can dis-engage from the world and stay at home, although I think we recognise that engaging with the world and completing constructive tasks does support our wellbeing, so it’s all good, let’s get up of a day.  But do you actually give yourself credit for it?  For co-ordinating things for you and your family, making breakfasts, lunches and teas, offering lifts and a kind ear to friends, helping with homework, the list will be endless.  Do you give yourself credit for that?  If not, please start immediately!

Charlotte Roach and Nathan Stephens (who gave the talks I’ve been at) have huge amounts of strength and determination which drove their recovery from life changing accidents and, in my opinion they are truly amazing examples of where grit and determination can get you.  Maybe most of us couldn’t have done what they’ve done but how do we know?  Sometimes we don’t know how determined we can be until we’re tested so if life skips along fairly well, does that mean we have no strength, determination and resilience?  No, it flippin doesn’t mean that!!

Getting up every day to do a job you don’t love takes an enormous amount of strength and resilience.  Working with young people, older people, any kinda people really can take enormous resources and strength.  People do those roles because they care about other people, that’s hugely inspiring.  Paying your bills and supporting your family and friends takes love, determination, commitment and endurance so please don’t think that an ordinary life doesn’t give you a chance to show how amazing you are.  It does, it’s just about how we choose to frame that in our minds.

The people who inspire us, typically have been through really difficult times, they’ve overcome adversity.  But what about those people who haven’t had specific difficulties to overcome, those people who receive OBEs and MBEs that we’ve never heard of?  Those local community champions who work away quietly in the background to offer support, kindness and guidance to people, who don’t do it for a pat on the back or any form of recognition.  They do it because they think it’s the right thing to do, it’s what they can contribute to society and they have a dedication that keeps them going, to get out of bed each morning.  You don’t need to overcome adversity to be amazing.  Earning your pay cheque every month for years and years is amazing.  Looking after people and having a voice in your chosen field is amazing.  Paying your rent, mortgage and bills every month is amazing.  Being you is amazing ?

If you’re reading this and thinking ‘well, it’s just what I do’ please shake your head around and allow your mindset to alter.  If you’re supporting people, in any form for whatever reason, showing them love, kindness, compassion, strength and determination, for personal or professional reasons, they’ll think you are amazing.  It might not feel comfortable to think like that but let that be my gift to you this week.


If other people can think that about you, try to let yourself think it too.  It’s important for your self esteem to connect with a feeling of pride about what you do every day and to see the value of that, whether you’re changing the world one step at a time, or supporting someone else’s world one day at a time.  There’s value in both things to the people on the receiving end of your care and hard work ?


Take good care please, be amazing and have a great day.

Best wishes, Karen