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The Strength of Introversion

The Strength of Introversion

At KW Inner Strength, we feel very passionate about the strength of introversion which isn’t always recognised by the individual, their family and friends, employers and colleagues or our wider society.  Our ambition is to support  introverted people; to help them identify their strengths, build their self-confidence and self-esteem and support them to feel happier within themselves.

We do not believe that introverted personalities are better than extroverts, or vice versa. However, we do believe that no matter what your personality type is, there is a solution to help you feel more confident and assertive in how you behave and communicate. We are all unique individuals with valuable skills, experiences and strengths to contribute to society and our videos can help you to connect with feelings of self-worth.

Our videos give a greater insight into what introversion is and what characteristics an introverted individual may possess. We want to debunk the notion that introverts are less normal because their preference is to socialise less. These videos can help you to understand and recognise your own strengths and help you to build your self-confidence in a way that you might not have considered before.

As an introvert, Karen Warren understands the challenges of living an introvert life, especially as she is often perceived as an extrovert due to her confident delivery of training and presentations. You can book a Power Hour with Karen to help you identify the strengths of your introversion and find effective ways to navigate our typically more extrovert world.

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Video 1 – Stress Management

Why we experience stress, what the impact can be and the 10 point plan for managing our stress

Video 2 – Introduction to Personality Types

The difference between introversion and extraversion and the four main personality types

Video 3 – Introduction to the Strength of Introversion

Where we get our energy from, different attitudes at different times, what we find difficult and how we focus on that, the strength of introversion

Video 4 – My Background

My background and why I want to help more introverted people to see the strengths of their introversion

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